The Best WordPress Plugins for Writers

We curated the best WordPress plugins for writers to help you manage, prepare, share and boost your content.

Running a blog is a great way to share your thoughts, tips, and expertise. However, failing to have the right tools might mean that your content might get lost in the millions of blogs that live on the web.

Make sure you’re targeting all aspects of blogging by using the following plugins. Once you’ve got a good system in place, all you have to do is focus on what’s important – your content.

Below are some of the top free and paid plugins for writers.

The Top WordPress Plugins for Writers for 2022

The WordPress Block Editor has certainly improved the workflow of many WordPress writers. It has made it easier for anyone, regardless of their coding knowledge, to write, edit and enhance blog posts with tools such as galleries, pre-designed layouts, drop cap, and columns, among many others.

However, the block editor alone might not be enough for most writers. In this article, we’ve found 6 of the top plugins to help you upgrade your workflow. In fact, we use many of the plugins ourselves to help us manage and write content on the blog.

Rewrite & Republish tool in Yoast Duplicate Post

Let’s take a closer look at each WordPress plugin to see what they offer.

Nelio Content is a WordPress editorial plugin that helps you manage, prepare and share your content. Its content calendar is an excellent way to keep your blog posts organized. The drag and drop feature makes it easy to shift publication dates around while the calendar gives you a great overview of your coming months of content. However, Nelio Content doesn’t only provide you with a content calendar. It also helps you review your posts and get them ready for publication. Lastly, it enables you to schedule social media messages on all your profiles.

Main features:

  • Get access to a drag and drop content calendar.
  • Schedule social media messages.
  • Get blog post quality analysis.
  • Add editorial tasks and comments for your writing team.
  • Get external references suggestions while writing your content.
Yoast SEO Premium

Though Yoast SEO Premium is an SEO Plugin, it encourages writers and authors to write better content by providing readability and SEO analysis. It first starts off by asking for a focus keyphrase. Upon selecting a particular keyword for a blog post, it ensures that you use that keyword in key locations such as meta descriptions, post titles, headings, body copy, and more. It also looks out for passive voice, consecutive sentences, paragraph length, and subheading distribution, among others.

Main features:

  • Improve readability and SEO analysis.
  • Mark important and extensive articles as cornerstone content.
  • Get insights into the prominent words in your content.
  • Get internal linking suggestions.
  • Automatically describe your pages using

While there are many plugins that let you duplicate a post, the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin has one key feature that is essential for writers – the Rewrite & Republish tool. This free tool lets you create a temporary clone of the article you wish to update, ensuring that your original post remains untouched while you work on a draft update.

After you update your article, enhance its readability, and improve its SEO using Yoast SEO Premium above, you can then compare the draft to the original article. This helps you keep track of any changes. This is especially useful if multiple writers are working on the same blog. Once you’re ready to publish, simply hit the republish button and the plugin will automatically update your content.

Main Features:

  • Work on updating your content within the block editor without editing live content.
  • Track and compare changes before updating content.
  • Keep all your readers’ comments once you update a post.
  • Schedule content updates to go live at a later date.

WordPress only allows you to add one author to each post. The PublishPress Authors plugin lets you add as many authors as you want to one WordPress post. The plugin also lets you add guest authors who don’t require an account on your site. You can even show your author’s profiles in custom layouts in your blog posts.

Main Features:

  • Add multiple authors.
  • Show author profiles in custom layouts.
  • Add custom fields for author profiles.
  • Add guest authors.

Newsletter Glue allows you to edit and publish newsletters the way you publish blog posts. It connects your WordPress blog directly to email marketing services such as MailChimp, Sendinblue, or Campaign Monitor. With Newsletter Glue you can easily share your content with all your subscribers with one easy workflow.

Main features:

  • Publish from WordPress directly to your blog and newsletter subscribers.
  • Edit and design your newsletter directly in the Gutenberg editor.
  • Create an SEO-friendly newsletter archive.
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Newsletter Glue connects your email service to WordPress so you can publish newsletters the way you publish blog posts!
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If you’re noticing that your content isn’t converting as much as you would like it to, or you’re getting stuck while thinking of content ideas, you might want to consider a tool like Bertha. Bertha is an AI-based writing assistant, trained on billions of lines of content. It provides inspiration and ideas to help you create good content, fast. You can even set a “Tone of Voice” to control the style and dialect. 

The beauty of Bertha is that you can use it as much as you need to. New to writing? Use Bertha to generate content ideas and paragraphs of text. Are you an expert? Use Bertha to help you quickly map out your blog post outlines and improve your section titles.

Main Features:

  • Generate section titles that convert.
  • Generate paragraphs of text to help your creative juices flow.
  • Map out your blog post outline.
  • Simplify complex blog posts.
  • And many more.


So to conclude, here are the top WordPress plugins for writers for 2022 one more time:

  1. Nelio Content for all your content management needs.
  2. Yoast SEO Premium to get your content SEO-ready.
  3. Rewrite & Republish tool in Yoast Duplicate Post for content rewrites and updates.
  4. PublishPress Authors to add multiple authors to your content.
  5. Newsletter Glue to boost your content.

Bonus! Use Bertha to help you write better content.

Have you tried any of the plugins listed above? Share your thoughts in the comments below and help others make an informed decision for their content needs.

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