How to Hide WooCommerce Product Prices Until Login (Easy Guide)

Looking for an easy way to hide WooCommerce product prices until login?

This strategy makes an especially great option for wholesale stores, because you might not necessarily want to display your wholesale pricing to just anyone. With this approach, you can still list your full product catalog online, but only show the actual prices to registered users.

Or, you might have another reason why you want to hide prices until login. For example, maybe you have a members-only store where members get special discounts or maybe you’re just in a competitive industry and you don’t want to give your competitors the details on your pricing strategy.

No matter what your reason is, I’m going to spend the rest of this post showing you how to hide the prices of your products until users log in. I’ll also share some more advanced tactics built around this strategy, like showing your products in a table (and hiding the prices) or showing different prices to logged-in vs anonymous visitors.

What You Need to Hide WooCommerce Product Prices Until Login

To hide product prices until a user logs in, you can use the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin

As the name suggests, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is targeted towards helping you offer wholesale shopping on your WooCommerce store. However, it’s certainly not limited to that use case, and even if you don’t have a wholesale store, you can still use this plugin to hide product prices for anonymous visitors. Best of all, you can set this feature up by literally just checking a single box.

However, if you want some more flexibility, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro also includes other features to let you:

  • Show different prices to anonymous vs logged-in users (or show different prices based on WordPress user role).
  • If showing different prices, you can set them individually or apply a global discount to all your products (e.g. preferred shoppers get 30% off the list price of all products).
  • Create a dedicated login/registration page for wholesale or preferred customers.
  • Hold new users for manual approval before they can see your prices/purchase products.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is a premium plugin – it costs $99 for use on a single site.

Examples of How WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Hides Prices

Here are some examples of the feature that you’ll be able to set up with this plugin.

First, let’s go over the before screenshots.

Before Adding the Plugin

Here’s an example of the single product page with prices:

Prices in single product page

And here’s an example of the shop page with prices:

Prices in shop page

After Adding the Plugin

After adding the plugin, you can see that all the other details remain on the single product page, except the price and add to cart buttons are gone:

Hidden price single product

The same is true for the shop page. You can see that all of the basic product details are still there (even including the sale badges). However, the prices themselves are now hidden:

Hidden price shop

Once a user logs in, it will go back to looking exactly like the “before” pictures. That is, after logging in, the shopper will experience your store just like normal.

How to Hide WooCommerce Product Prices Until Login

To get started, make sure to install and activate the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin on your WooCommerce store. 

Then, you can hide prices by literally checking a single box. We’ll start by showing you how this basic feature works. Then, we’ll go over some more advanced variations that you can use, like showing different prices for anonymous visitors vs logged-in users.

Enable Feature to Hide Prices

Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Wholesale to access its settings. Then, all you need to do is check the box to Hide prices until login:

How to hide WooCommerce product prices until login by checking a box

That’s it! The prices will now be hidden until a user logs in, just like how we showed you in the example above.

List Products Without Prices in Quick Order Forms

In the examples above, we showed you how it looks using your store’s regular shop/product pages. However, for certain use cases, such as a wholesale store, this default store layout isn’t ideal.

Instead, a more optimized solution is to show your products in a table view. This way, you make it easier for shoppers to browse all of your products while still being able to display all the important product details.

To set this up, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro integrates with the WooCommerce Product Table plugin from the same developer.

You can create a product table like below and only display prices to logged-in users.

Here’s what the product table will look like for logged-in visitors:

WooCommerce product table with price

Anonymous visitors will see all of the same information. However, the price column will be empty and the “Add to cart” button will change to a “Read more” link:

WooCommerce product table with price hidden

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro automatically integrates with WooCommerce Product Table – there are no additional settings to configure. To learn how to use the WooCommerce Product Table, we have a number of guides that you can follow. How to…

You can also get a bundle of both WooCommerce Wholesale Pro and WooCommerce Product Table for $149, which saves you a good bit of money.

Show Different Prices to Logged-In vs Anonymous Shoppers (Or Different User Roles)

Instead of completely hiding your prices for shoppers who aren’t logged in, another option is to display different prices to anonymous shoppers and logged-in shoppers (with a certain user role).

This feature is especially useful if you want to offer both retail and wholesale prices through the same store. Or, you could also use it to create special members-only discounts, where registered users with a certain user role get lower prices than other shoppers.

To help you do this, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro adds a new Wholesale price to the regular Product data box. Or, you can also set up global discounts that apply to all your products. For example, you could give all Wholesale customers a 30% discount.

How to add different prices

In the screenshot above, you can see that we’ve set the regular price as £19 and the wholesale price as £10. Now, if you uncheck the Hide prices until login box from the previous step, here’s how your store will work.

If an anonymous shopper lands on the product page, they’ll see the price as £19:

Regular price

However, if a registered shopper with the correct user role looks at that product, they’ll see the price as £10:

Special hidden price for wholesale customers

You can also combine this with the Hide prices until login feature from above. If you enable both features, here’s how your store would work:

  • Anonymous visitors won’t see any price.
  • Logged-in visitors with a non-wholesale role will see the regular price (e.g. £19).
  • Logged-in visitors with a wholesale role will see the wholesale price (e.g. £10).

Start Hiding WooCommerce Product Prices Today

Learning how to hide WooCommerce product prices until login gives you more control over how your store works. You can make sure that only authorized users see your product prices, and even show different prices to different types of users, if that fits your use case.

Whether you just want an easy way to hide your prices until login or you want to create separate prices for different types of users, the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin can help.

To learn more and get started, go to WooCommerce Wholesale Pro.

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