How to Start a Fashion Blog – The Ultimate Guide

How to Start a Fashion Blog With WordPress (In 4 steps)

Now, let’s go through the step-by-step guide on how to start a fashion blog.

Step 1: Purchase Web Hosting and Domain Name

For this tutorial, we recommend SiteGround for hosting. Again, that’s because it:

  • Is affordable
  • Offers good support
  • Makes it easy to install WordPress to start your blog

To get started, go to SiteGround.

Then, choose the $6.99 per month StartUp plan. As your site grows, you’ll need to upgrade from this plan. But when you’re just getting started, it offers plenty of power:


Once you choose the plan, you’ll have an option to enter your domain name, which will cost you $15.95 for a year:

Choose Domain

You could save a few dollars if you purchased your domain separately, but it would complicate the process a bit.

To finish things out, you’ll need to enter your account information and billing info. All in, you should pay $99.83 for an entire year of hosting and your domain name, or a little over $8 per month:

Step 2: Install WordPress

Once you finish signing up for SiteGround, you’ll need to wait for 10-30 minutes while SiteGround sets up your account. You should receive an email confirmation when it’s ready.

Once you sign in to SiteGround for the first time, you should see a website setup wizard from which you can have SiteGround automatically install the WordPress software for you.

Make sure you remember the username and password that you enter in the install tool, as you’ll need to use these credentials to log into your WordPress dashboard.

Once you install WordPress, you can access your WordPress dashboard by appending /wp-admin to your domain name.

For example:

Once you log in, you should see your dashboard. This is where you’ll add content and otherwise control how your blog functions:

The WordPress dashboard for your fashion blog

Step 3: Set Up Your Fashion Blog’s Design

A fashion blog theme

Because fashion is all about creativity and aesthetics, you’ll probably want the design of your blog to match the fashion that you share.

So in this section, let’s talk about how you can create a beautiful-looking blog.

To control your site’s looks, you can use a WordPress theme. You’ll find thousands of free and premium options, including tons of themes that are specifically built for fashion blogs.

The best spot for free fashion themes is

If you want more of a premium feel, here are some spots for great premium fashion themes:

Once you choose a theme, you can install it by going to Appearance → Themes → Add New in your dashboard:

Installing a WordPress fashion blog theme

If you want a little more flexibility, you can also use something called a page builder plugin. These let you design your site using a visual, drag-and-drop interface – no code required!

Three of the best page builders are:

To install a plugin, you can go to Plugins → Add New.

Step 4: Add Content

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you’re ready to start adding content!

WordPress comes with two types of content by default:

  • Posts – these are blog posts.
  • Pages – use these for static pages, like your “About” or “Contact” pages.

To add either type of content, you can go to Posts/Pages → Add New. That will launch the WordPress block editor, which lets you format your content. If you want to add images, buttons, columns, etc., you just need to insert a block for those elements:

The WordPress editor

Some core pages that you’ll almost certainly want to create include:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy policy

In some cases, you’ll want to use plugins to enhance your content. For example, you can use:

An Instagram feed created using Spotlight
An Instagram feed created using Spotlight

You can also find plugins to make it easier to manage your content. For example, PublishPress helps you manage and schedule your blog posts.

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