We’re Looking for a React Developer to Join Our Team

We’re looking to expand our remote development team that is working on a number of WordPress plugins. Check out the details below.

Your Role

You will be involved in the development of WordPress plugins, working to create helpful solutions that go beyond the user’s expectations.

As part of a remote team, you will be entrusted to work asynchronously while maintaining open communication with everyone on the team. Collaboration is key in everything we do, so you will be involved in various stages of our plugin’s lives, from concept development to maintenance and improvements.


  • Developing React browser apps using Typescript and PostCSS modules
  • Integrating React apps with a WordPress PHP backend via a REST API
  • Create extensible and reusable systems using Typescript
  • Configuring a Webpack build pipeline with code splitting
  • Maintaining packages on npmjs.com
  • Converting SASS into PostCSS


  • Proficiency in React
  • Proficiency with modern Javascript
  • Good knowledge of Typescript
  • Good knowledge of modern CSS
  • Good grasp of Webpack

Bonus Points:

Proficiency in any of these areas is considered a bonus.

  • PHP
  • PostCSS
  • SASS
  • WordPress plugin/theme development

Who We Are

We’re a fully remote team with diverse backgrounds that work on multiple projects within the WordPress space, from WP Mayor to plugin development.

Our plugins serve tens of thousands of WordPress users around the world. WP RSS Aggregator is the most widely used and highly praised solution we’ve worked on to date, while Spotlight is our newest venture.

We pride ourselves on offering our team a safe environment in which to grow and develop, and our open communication channels enable everyone in the team to collaborate and discuss ideas wherever necessary.

Our work impacts the lives of thousands of WordPress users around the world every single day. If you want to be a part of this journey, apply below and let us know why you’d be a good fit.


Fill in the form below to send in your application. We will review all applications within a few days and get in touch to continue the conversation.

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