WPML’s New String Translation Reduces Page Load Times by 50%

If you are looking to translate your WordPress website then the most popular way is by using WPML. More than 700,000 websites rely on WPML to make their website multilingual. That’s because with WPML you can translate everything in any way you like.

Whether you want to do it yourself, hire a professional, or use a translation service, WPML allows you to do it. You can even combine these methods with machine translation using its Advanced Translation Editor.


One of the criticisms of WPML has been its slow load page times. However, WPML has now revamped its String Translation which will reduce load page times by more than 50% when you use the plugin. It means WPML will now have no negative impact on your website performance.

What is String Translation and Why Does It Matter?

String Translation allows you to translate any texts that you cannot find in posts, pages or taxonomies. For example, texts that might come from a theme.

String Translation is important if you want a website that is completely localized. In other words, one in which all of the text you will see on the screen is translated. If you want to translate your strings with WPML you will need to use its String Translation features.

Example of String Translation
An example of String Translation: WPML has translated the menu of this website

How WPML Optimized its String Translation for Websites

There are two major ways WPML has improved the way String Translation works:

1. You only now include the strings you want to translate

WPML has added a feature which means you no longer need to include all of the texts from any plugins and themes by default. Therefore, your website will be less bloated and your pages will load quicker.

Most major themes and plugins provide their own string translations in the form of .mo files which are good enough to use without WPML adding its own. Note that you can still override the theme or plugin’s translations if needed.

2. WPML now uses .mo files to apply the translations

Instead of calling the database to translate strings WPML now compiles .mo files for your translations. The latter is a much faster way to translate content.

So What are the Results of the New WPML String Translation?

WPML’s new String Translation was tested on more than 350 clients’ sites which contained a large number of translated strings.

String Translation

On all of the sites, the server load due to String Translation dropped to close to zero. The good news for WPML users is that it now has next to no impact on the website’s loading times. On average the websites loaded at around half the time it took before.

New WPML String Translation, Same Way to Translate Your Strings

Even though WPML String Translation has been revamped the good news is it is still exactly the same. You can translate all of your strings in exactly the same way as you did before.

If you have not used String Translation before then you can follow WPML’s String Translation documentation for more information on how it works.

Try out WPML’s new String Translation for yourself today

You can try WPML today and see how easily its new String Translation works on your website.

In fact, WPML has offered a 12-months guarantee that your website will still perform as strong as before after installation. If its support team cannot resolve any problems you have then you will get your money back.

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