The Best Resources for Learning WordPress SEO (2023)

SEO is a very interesting topic that every website owner should be well versed in. Here are my top resources for learning how to rank your business.

If you want assistance or a site audit, this one is pretty good.

A productized SEO service is RankBoss, also well-reviewed.

If you prefer learning from a course, Clickminded’s digital marketing course is comprehensive.

Before you start any link building efforts, the number one thing you should conduct is a good SEO Audit, or get someone who is an expert to do it for you.

If you’re not familiar with audits, take a look at these links:

There are some good Excel sheets out there to help you out in your audit:

Anything else I’ve missed out on?

When it comes to plugins, at last year’s WordCamp Barcelona I was introduced to The SEO Framework which seems to be quickly forging a niche for itself, with most of its users giving glowing praise and even saying that it’s better than the mighty Yoast SEO. I’m trying it out myself and so far so good. Another one that has received a lot of praise is Rank Math.

Anyone else made the switch?

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