The New EDD Bookings – More Bookings, Less Work

EDD Bookings is the appointment bookings extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

For a while, it was unavailable for purchase as we re-built it from head to toe. Now it’s back and better than ever.

The new version has a different take on its feature-set. It includes an intuitive approach to setting up your available dates and times for each service, using a similar calendar approach to that of calendar apps such as Google Cal and iCal (both of which will have integrations in the future) and rules.

Through this approach, EDD Bookings gives you, the service provider, all the flexibility you may need. It goes way beyond the usual Monday to Friday, 9-5 approach that we see in many other plugins. You can also set multiple appointment (session) lengths for each service.

Beyond that, we have introduced timezone options that allow you to view and manage bookings in the time zone of your choice, and also allow the client to change timezone while making a booking. This is ideal for when you’re selling services across time zones.

Speaking of managing bookings, in the new version you can view and edit existing bookings or add new ones in a sleek interface. When creating bookings, you can create a new client on the fly so you never need to leave the screen.

Lastly, we cannot forget the client! We have designed and developed a very simple process for accepting bookings through your website. A 3-step process is all it takes before accepting payment. Select a service, select the date and time, send any possible notes for the vendor, and that’s it. You can even change the colors to match your site’s design.

All of this is just the start. EDD Bookings will continue to be under constant development for the months to come as we introduce new features. If you’d like to follow the progress or share new ideas, comment below or browse the roadmap.

It’s time to put your services online and reduce the time and money spent managing everything manually.

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