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The notion of augmented reality is not new.  This is one of the most popular trends that hit the web design niche in 2018 and continues to grow at the fast rate. Augmented reality is being included in different spheres of our life, making it easier to make the right decisions, have fun, and simply do the right planning. What about web design? What if your online business project could provide the user with the possibility to view different objects in 3D? I bet this will make your site more engaging and boost the conversion rates tremendously.

We searched the web and came up with just one theme supporting the Augmented Reality functionality. That’s Ozisti from ThemeREX, Envato Power Elite Author. These guys are the pioneers in this field. They are the first who made an attempt to create a WordPress theme that lets online customers preview 3D models of products and different items.

So, if you are extremely excited to launch your own site with the augmented reality functionality, it is high time for you to learn how to do it. Without a doubt, building the eCommerce project with the integration of Augmented reality will provide your business with the leverage your competitors still do not have and are dreaming of. Let’s get to work together and find out how to add the Augmented reality functionality to your own WordPress sites. So, here comes the step-by-step guide.

Start with a WordPress Theme

Today, the range of eCommerce WordPress theme to pick from is massive. All you have to do is to find the design and functionality you need. Here are some key features you should keep in mind when searching for a theme.

The full WooCommerce integration thanks to which the eCommerce WordPress theme will be ready to become the ultimate foundation for the fully-fledged web stores. Still, the theme should be ready to be applied for a range of other purposes like blogging,  education, business, etc. The augmented reality functionality, that can be enabled and disabled whenever you wish.

Working with the theme can be quick and easy thanks to the page builder that may be integrated into the theme, such as Elementor or WPBakery. With its help, you may feel free to modify the theme’s layout structure, add and edit multiple elements without touching a single line of the source code.

In addition to the basic WordPress and WooCommerce features, the theme needs to contain free augmented reality apps for Android and iOS. Such a system is rather easy to work with. In order to get started, you need to upload your 3D object to Augmented App, then get the QR code, upload this code to your web project, and let your customers enjoy how different items that they scan will look in 3D on your site.

How to Install WordPress Engine

In order to start working with WordPress theme, you will need to select a domain name and choose a reliable hosting provider for your site. Next, proceed to WP installation.

There are 2 major ways to get WordPress installed on your server:

  • If your hosting provider has easy WP installation – just save your time and use it.


  • The second method to get WordPress installed on your server is the Manual 5-minute WP installation. All that you need to do is to download the WP engine archive, unzip it on your hosting, connect it with your database and then run the WordPress installation script. Here is a step-by-step guide that may come in handy to you.

First Step: Theme Installation

As soon as you install WordPress on your server, you can keep moving further and install the theme that is totally compatible with Augmented reality, we used Ozisti theme, for example. (you can find the step-by-step instructions in the documentation folder).

In order to get started, upload the theme, install, and activate it. As soon as the theme is activated, you will be advised to install ThemeREX Addon plugin, which will help you manage the majority of the theme’s settings with ease.

As soon as the plugin is activated, you will be taken to the screen with the theme activation and installation of the necessary plugins.


Next comes the demo data import. If you install the theme to a website that already contains some data, then select the Only Selected pages option. If you have a blank site, then the Whole Demo-Site option will be the best choice for you. Once ready, make your WordPress/WooCommerce store Augmented Reality compatible.

Step Two: Register Augmented Reality Account

In order to get registered, visit and click start a 14-day free trial.


As soon as you register a free account, enter your company details. There is also an option to provide the logo of your company so that people will be able to see and remember it while playing with your product in AR.

Once done, you can proceed with the upload of your 3D objects. The service is compatible with dae, obj, stl, zae, kmz or zip with the 3d files.


There is the possibility to specify the name of the object, short description, placement. You can specify such parameters as type, category, dimensions, etc. As soon as you finish the configuration of the model, upi can go ahead and save the QR-code:


3D Objects & 3D Models for Augmented Reality

If you do not have 3D models of the products that you sell on your site, you should get them. Here’s what you need to do:

  • If you resell specific products, then ask your vendor for the 3D models.
  • If you sell your own items, then order 3D models from freelancers or web design studios on Upwork.On average, 3D models are delivered within 2-4 days. Make sure that the models are delivered in de or obj formats.

How to Get QR Codes & Upload Them to Augmented Reality WordPress Store

As soon as the 3D objects are uploaded to the Augmented manager and the QR codes are download to the local PC, you can go ahead and upload them into Augmented Reality WordPress shop. Navigate Products > Your Products > AR Params section.


Upload the QR code with a click on Choose Image button. Enable AR Layout popup and AR badge for the product. That’s it. Now the product is ready for the AR interactions.

If you navigate to the product page, you will notice 2 buttons and the AR badge being activated. With a click on the “Download AR Application” button, the users are invited to download the free augmented reality app. The second button lets them get your product to Augmented Reality.


What can your site visitors do with all this? once landing on your product page, a buyer is given the quickest way to download the free app to their handheld devices. Now, they can scan the QR code watch the 3D models of your products.

Test the AR Store

As soon as you complete all of the aforementioned steps, it’s time to check if everything works properly.

First, double check if all dimensions are set without any mistakes. This guarantees that your products will be displayed properly when the customers launch your app and watch the 3D models within the interior of their homes, for example.

If you sell TVs or desktop computers make sure that you select the proper placement type (table, not floor).

It’s important to test how different items and the company logo are displayed on the smaller screens of mobile devices.


If you are happy with the way the augmented reality app works and feels, you can upgrade to a paid plan after the 14-day free trial runs out.

Few More Examples of the AR WordPress theme Usage

Ozisti theme isn’t intended to be used for AR WooCommerce projects only. It is ready to become the foundation for a number of science and educational projects like history, anatomy, geography, etc. Here is what a history-related blog will look like.


Just imagine how engaged and impressed will be your blog readers when they are given the chance to watch historical monuments in 3D. A similar approach can be used on travel blogs.


Next comes the example of how 3D models can be presented on architecture, real estate, and flat renting sites.


In a word, Augmented reality WordPress theme can be used for a range of purposes where the visual presentation of your content is especially important for the viewers. Thanks to the integration of AR solutions into your site, people can rotate, zoom in, and move objects just the way they wish.

Final Words

This is how the first Augmented Reality WordPress theme works. This allows even small and medium-sized businesses to build sites that deliver the million-dollar user experience without the necessity to invest THAT big into their sites.

The integration of AR into WordPress themes is an impressively powerful feature that is intended to be used for a range of micro niches. Ready to get started?

Try Ozisti AR WordPress Theme Now

How do you think, what’s the future of augmented reality? Are there any other ways to integrate it into web design? Have you ever worked with AR apps? What do you think about this? Can’t wait to read your answers!

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