At last! An Easy Way of Creating Websites for Small Businesses

Small businesses can be fertile grounds for website assignments. This can involve helping clients to go online or improve what’s already in place. Landing even a single job isn’t always easy if you’re a freelancer, because of the competition.

Winning multiple jobs requires even more work. plus, you’re occasionally faced with juggling several jobs at once.

Hard work and long hours go with the territory, but is that really necessary?

The good news: there’s a better way. Not every proposal will produce results. But you’ll still get more work, and be able to manage it effectively as well.

How Be Theme Lets You Target Several Business Types at Once

Some will tell you that multitasking is productive. Others say it’s counter-productive. This begs the question – Should you focus on one or two familiar business types? Or maybe you should consider many different niches to find as many jobs as you can handle?

The latter is the preferred choice if you have the right skill set, which you probably do. Pleasing a host of clients that represent a variety of niches is not only possible, but it’s also rewarding. Moreover, given the right tools, completely doable.

Which is where Be Theme can make a difference.

There is a good reason for going after jobs in many different niches. It is simply that there are more opportunities open to you. Many small businesses urgently need help in creating an online presence. Others need assistance in making improvements to what they already have in place.

Be Theme is the largest WordPress theme, and a top-5, best-selling ThemeForest theme. Be’s selection of websites has over 280 pre-built options. Thus, it has you covered for almost any small business niche you’re apt to encounter.

Take into account that each of these pre-built websites is completely customizable. That is why you are, for all practical purposes, completely covered.

So, why not pursue finding work in 13 different small business niches for a start? That’s not a magic number. It just equates to the number of examples presented here.

These examples which can serve as a good starting point. In fact, they represent business types in need of website-building assistance.

Browse all 280+ pre-built websites! You’ll begin to see how easy it is to find a template that nicely fits a given business’s needs. Moreover, you will spot how easy it can be to create a website your client will absolutely love – in just a few hours.

13 Be Theme Templates You Can Use for Small Business Owners

  1. For Food Stores – Be Salmon

A key selling point is the use of large images to present the food products. This template also features an interactive menu and a section devoted to customer’s testimonials.

  1. For Car Services – BeDetailing2

This template is a good match for a business niche where before and after images are important. It also features a section on prices and services. The overall design is bold, professional, and imaginative.

  1. For Event Planners – BeMeeting

This template is for a website devoted to concert goers and event followers. The clean design makes for easy reading and navigation. An attention-getting countdown clock adds a cool touch.

  1. For Salons & Spas – BeManicure

Salons and spas prefer to promote their services and products using soft designs and images that convey a feeling of luxury, as is the case with this template. Clients will also love the integrated eShop.

  1. For Online Clothes Shops – BeDenim

Businesses in this niche want bold images, attractive color combinations, and easy navigation through the product lines; topped off by an integrated eShop.

  1. For Musicians and Music Producers – BeHipHop

In this niche, you’ll want a website whose look and feel matches the music; in this case a hip design. The integrated audio and video features are also a must, as is an informative blog section.

  1. For Cafes & Tea Houses – BeCafe2

This template performs two tasks quite well. Large images inside the online menu entice the user, while the photo gallery and the About Us page gives a small business extra prominence.

  1. For Catering Businesses – BeVegetables

This template provides the foundation for an engaging, food-oriented website with its interactive product presentation, and professional price listing layout and CTA buttons that encourage customers to make purchases.

  1. For Visual Artists – BeDrawing

This template’s impressive gallery is the most important feature in any creative’s website. The design has a clean and simple look, and the inclusion of video enhances the user experience.

  1. For Courses and Webinars – BeTraining

This template is a great fit for a business specializing in training, or selling or offering courses. Users will find the large video thumbnails helpful in making choices, and will appreciate the ease in which they can navigate through the events calendar.

  1. For Nutrition & Fitness Businesses – BeDiet

This food-oriented template features large, high-quality images, as you would expect. Special recipe solutions integrated into the main menu provide an added twist, as does the attractive blog section.

  1. For Medical Care – BeClinic2

Simplicity, professionalism, and friendliness are embedded in this template for a medical business. The well-organized content layout makes reading and navigating to important information easy.

  1. For Interior Designers – BeCarpenter2

Architectural and geometric designs, that focus on the product, together with large, high-quality images, are designed to impress clients and users alike. This template also features a professional presentation video.

How You Can Attract and Engage These Types of Clients

You can put in a great deal of time and effort attempting to get in touch with a potential client. Then you need to get that client to buy into your proposal. Still, there’s no guarantee that your effort will result in a successful outcome.

There are some time-tested approaches that could improve your chances of success. They are also capable of making it easier to get in touch with large numbers of potential clients.

  1. Give Facebook a Try

Search for groups representing different businesses on Facebook. Include entrepreneurs as well. You can always use one or more of the examples provided here for starters. You’ll need to contact each group’s admin to get permission to post your services.

Whenever you get a response, make sure to answer any questions a potential client has. Provide any additional information that you believe will help you land the job. By doing so, you’ll portray yourself as a web design expert who can be trusted to provide the needed help.

  1. Send Cold Emails

A cold email can be 10 times more effective than a cold phone call. It’s easier for both parties as well.

You must find a contact first, however, and the best way to do this is to go to LinkedIn. There, you can find a business’s key person to contact. It will also work in your favor when you’re able to address that person by name.

Your email should focus on your desire to help, as well as your ability to do so. It should not appear to be a sales pitch. If that is the case, it will likely end up in the trash folder.

Close your email out by suggesting further discussion of your offer. You can also offer to provide additional details or examples of your work if requested.

Keep the focus of your proposal on providing help and assistance. Like that, you’ll have a much better chance of it being accepted.


Look for business niches that are likely to need your services. The examples provided here can be great starting points. So are the business groups you’ll want to search for on Facebook. Get permission to post your services on as many groups as you can.

Use email to make “cold calls” to potential clients. When you select a business, use LinkedIn to find a contact. Emphasize your desire to be helpful. Then, offer to provide additional details and/or examples of your work.

Use Be Theme to prepare your proposals. Provide your clients with quality websites within hours if possible.

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