Make your theme or plugin custom types ready with Toolset.

Clients always need advanced and highly specific features for their sites. Developing every single functionality required by clients from scratch and customizing it to meet their preferences can be time-consuming. Toolset enables you to address your users’ needs (whether beginner or advanced) easily, reducing your work while increasing your sales.


I bet you get questions like these from your clients:

  • How do I disable the sidebars for my archive?
  • How do I design custom templates?
  • How do I use a different layout for all items belonging to a custom type?
  • How do I design a custom WooCommerce single-product template?
  • Can I use my favorite page builder to build a content template for a custom post type?
  • Can I control the theme options for my custom post type?
  • Can I create an advanced search based on custom post type?

Joining our “Beyond Pages” compatibility program will help you get answers to all these questions and more, using Toolset. There’s a little bonus – no extra PHP coding!

Next, let me explain why you should join our free Beyond Pages compatibility program and get your “Custom Types Ready” badge.

REASON #1 – Clients can conveniently design templates and archives for their custom post types without having to use PHP coding.

Toolset plugins let your clients design templates for custom content, right from the WordPress admin, without the need for any programming.

For example, your clients can use Toolset to create a custom post type called Tour, and add a few custom fields such as Type of Tour, City, Price, Duration, and Gallery image, as shown below:

Creating a layout for to render the CPT on the front-end.

My custom types with its field in the WordPress Admnistration My tour in Venice in the front-end
toolset compatibility toolset compatibility

Clients can also build a template that will be applied to every Tour that you’ll add, without having to edit your PHP file. Toolset has a handy drag-and-drop builder where you can simply insert the fields into some cells:

toolset layout
Creating a layout to render the CPT on the front-end (no PHP involved).

If your theme comes with a Page Builder, we can help integrate it with our Toolset. This way, your clients can use your builder instead of separately using the drag-and-drop layouts of Toolset that are mentioned above. Of course, the essence remains the same —Toolset elements and fields can be inserted into any elements of the Page Builder.

We have already achieved this integration with Divi builder, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, and Avada Fusion Builder (which is shown below):

toolset and divi

REASON #2 Users can assign the theme options they want to the custom templates they created with Toolset, including Archives.

What makes your theme special? Which theme options are invaluable to your users? We can help users control them for each of their templates. For example, they may wish to disable the sidebar themselves, select a special header, or remove the page title. Toolset has you covered.

toolset theme option
Theme options controlled for each template.

All you need to add is a small JSON configuration file that tells Toolset about your theme options.

REASON #3 You’ll ensure compatibility with advanced content based on custom post types.

Then, with a Toolset-compatible theme, you can provide your clients with very advanced features. You can use the power of Toolset to create a custom search, display custom posts on a map, list posts, submit content from the front-end, and much more.

toolset custom search
Custom search built with Toolset and no PHP – Displaying results on a map.

REASON #4 You gain exposure via cross-promotion.

We are active in promoting Toolset-compatible themes or plugins via social media, our blog, and a newsletter. We also add it to the list of “Custom Types Ready” themes and plugins. We are open for any win-win partnerships; – if you have any ideas in mind, please contact us directly at marine {@}

REASON #5 We take care of documentation and support.

We can help you create the necessary resources for documentation or a knowledge base. Our goal is to help your clients exploit the full power of Toolset, especially when it’s used with your theme. We provide very efficient support through developers who are ready to answer your clients’ questions regarding Toolset and your theme.

REASON #6 We can provide ready-to-hire Toolset Contractors for clients who are willing to use Toolset and your theme.

Clients can seek help or customized work from anyone within our list of contractors. Clients can filter by theme, language spoken, type of project, and other factors.

REASON #7 Your content will be multilingual-ready.

Finally, we are the folks behind WPML, so we can ensure that your clients can translate whatever they build with Toolset into other languages.

Themes and plugins like OceanWP, Astra, Divi, Visual Composer, and many more are already available! Do you wish to offer this added value to your clients?


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