New EDD Bookings Website Launched

UPDATE: EDD Bookings is available for purchaseLearn more.

We’ve written about our EDD Bookings plugin a few times now. We first introduced our idea of building a painkiller for the WordPress bookings space and later discussed our struggles as we needed to hire new team members for the plugin’s design and JavaScript work. We recently also announced the changes being made by Easy Digital Downloads that resulted in EDD Bookings moving to its own new website.

The New Website

Today’s update is to let you know that we have launched the new website as we approach the release of version 3.0!

The website will remain at, but it’s a lot more than it used to be. Due to the changes that happened a few weeks back, the site will now handle all the e-commerce for the sale of the EDD Bookings plugin.

This meant that in the last couple of weeks we’ve also gone through the process of switching existing customers over to our new website. All customers were emailed about the switch, and we’ve since also released an update to reflect the change in licensing servers. If you’re an existing customer or just want to learn more about this switch, we wrote about it here.

The new website takes on a new approach to reflect the major changes also coming to the plugin in version 3.0. Visit the homepage to learn more about the main features or head over to the roadmap to see what’s coming in the next few months.

Become a Beta Tester (UPDATE: The Beta Program is now closed)

We’re also offering a select group of individuals the chance to join us as beta testers. That means that you will be eligible to receive and test out Beta versions of EDD Bookings from time to time. These versions are not to be used on production websites but can be tested on local installations, staging sites, or other development environments. This is to protect you and your users from any possible bugs or security issues.

Be a Part of the Journey

We want you to be a part of our journey, so we’re offering anyone who visits our website the chance to sign up for updates. Once you submit your email address you’ll join an exclusive list of individuals who will have first dibs on all our announcements.

You’ll be the first to know about our alpha and beta version updates, the first to know when version 3.0 is released, and of course, you’ll have the chance to purchase EDD Bookings right away.

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