Interactive Vector Maps WordPress Plugin

MapSVG is a famous plugin used for creating interactive maps (WordPress and jQuery versions are available) – the development for which started in 2011.

MapSVG has grown since then from a basic tool with just a few features into a powerful application.

Not long ago the new MapSVG for WordPress version 3 was released. Let’s see what new features the plugin has introduced.

Database – fill your interactive map with any objects

Create a list of objects with custom fields and attach them to areas on a map. For example you can create a list of dealers in your country with parameters such as name, company, phone, photo, and area (state/province). Then you can attach each dealer to one or multiple states/provinces and show the dealer’s info on the click of a state/province.
WordPress interactive map - database editor

Directory, Search & Filters

Show a clickable list of custom objects near your map. Add search & filters. Items in the directory can be filtered by choosing something from a drop-down filter or by clicking on a map area to filter directory by that area (for example, show dealers only from a certain state/province).
WordPress interactive map - search and filters

Details view

Show detailed information about your custom object in a responsive, custom-styled “Details View”.
WordPress interactive map - details view

Templates editor

Create custom templates for Details View, Popovers, and Tooltips  with new Templates editor.
WordPress interactive map - templates editor

JavaScript Editor – extend map functionality

Extend the default map functionality with numerous event handlers and a built-in javaScript editor with syntax highlighting.
WordPress interactive map - javaScript editor

CSS Editor – style your map as you need

Add custom styles to your map and change the layout of info containers with MapSVG CSS editor.
WordPress interactive map - CSS editor


And if you didn’t hear about MapSVG before, it’s worth reminding you of its other important features.

More than 100 geo-calibrated maps are included

See the full list of included maps here. Besides country maps there are many special maps such as a USA+Canada combined map, maps of each US state with its counties, a map of Europe, a map of Africa, Asia and so on. Most of these maps are geo-calibrated which means you can add markers to those maps simply using an address or by latitude/longitude coordinates.
WordPress interactive map - markers

Any SVG file can become an interactive map

MapSVG converts any SVG file into an interactive map. You can draw a floor plan of a shopping mall or city plan – in any vector editing software (Adobe Illustrator, InkScape, etc.), save the file as SVG and upload it into MapSVG.
WordPress interactive map - custom SVG maps

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