Top Sports and Travel WordPress Themes For Daily Inspiration

Allow me to sum it up: in order for you to convert, the website you’re visiting needs to have an intuitive layout, all the details of the tour and powerful imagery. Furthermore, case number two: you’re on a gym website. It has very similar stages, where the layout of the website is great, you start envisioning yourself working out in this particular gym with these particular coaches, and finally the images and the video which you see on the website gives you some adrenaline.

In the end, both web designs need to make you dream further, while still being on the website. Basically, the right web design controls your way of thinking. Hypnotic marketing. And to achieve this effect, you don’t even need to hire a programmer. You may just get a ready-made template.

Here we’ve gathered 30 neat sports and travel WordPress themes produced by TemplateMonster. So, these guys have been on the market for almost 15 years already, and they got a well-earned high rating on TrustPilot. Actually, if you haven’t heard of them, they are the guys who seem to really love their work.

All the templates have 24/7 lifetime support, lifetime updates and a neat design. They may serve you either as inspiration for your project, or as a basis for your website. Enjoy!

Elite Breed

Horse Racing WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Horse riding is dangerous, exciting and enjoyable. Is it possible to convey the spirit of the race track with a design? Yes, it is. Have a look at this design and feel your heart pound. It will definitely retain your
customers on the website for longer. On the other hand, this is why powerful imagery is so important – the mood of the project is represented by it and the colors which the designer used in the template. Not to mention other great small but significant features like neat social media buttons and hover effects.


MMA WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Black color is the eternal classic, while the color yellow spices up dark designs immensely. Pay attention to the shape of the CTA-button which reminds you of a great stretch in the gym. Will the website visitors
will to sign up for your sport? Most likely, yes. The impact of the design is huge, and this design is a typical WordPress representative of an aggressive design which gives you some adrenaline even when you
are merely watching at it.


Fitness WP Theme

Details | Demo

Another great example of gym WordPress theme is FitPress. The same black color as used in the previous template, but this time not yellow, but a red color make the contrast. Keep in mind that this template, just as all the other templates on this list, is responsive. Thus, it will look perfectly on any screen size.


Yoga WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The tenderness of Shanti template is the first thing which strikes you when you open the template. This effect is achieved thanks to the light pastel colors and the gradient in it. Lots of negative space makes an
impression of an airy design, giving a visitor’s eye freedom to slide from one design item to another one. Check out the live demo and see it for youself.


Gym Fitness Responsive Website Template

Details | Demo

Using dark colors on gym WordPress themes is quite a classical tendency. There is one more reason why the color black as a background is a great option to choose – the images placed on this background tend to have no boundaries. A website visitors gets an impression of  a solid design where images are not implemented separately, but where they are one with the overall design.


Bikers WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Diagonal shapes are a rare design feature for designers to use in WordPress themes, which is why this would be the first thing your customers would notice when entering the website. They look incredibly dynamic,
considering the fact that this effect is also emphasized by a hero image with riders. It is worth mentioning, that red color is deliberately avoided in the design – the green color is used instead. No need to tell you why red color on bikers websites are not a good option to choose. However, the green buttons represent safety and allowance to go.


Traveler WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The hero image of this travel WordPress themes looks like a window to your dream city. Use it to place the best photograph and enchant your customer from their first second on the website. Traveling is about
magic, and using a design like this could make your customers feel it, too. The design feature that sets this template out of all the others is a “tags” section. Make search on your website faster and more enjoyable.

Down the River

Rafting and Paddling WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Show me a person whose heart would remain indifferent after seeing this WordPress theme. The imagery used here is stunning – you feel the splatter and the fresh wind blowing from the images.Full-screen images
alongside with neat fonts make an impression of a perfect agency for adventurous souls.


Sports News WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

DailySport would be a great option for those who are searching for more than just a sport template. This template would be a good choice for a project where blog plays a big part. The images which stick so closely to each other that they seem to be a solid photo surface.


Fitnesys - Fitness Blog GPL WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you’d like the content on your website to be segmented, you may consider using this template.  It is a great web design solution for everybody who is planning to run a sport blog and by doing this
attract more visitors. The color combination looks incredibly friendly and welcoming, making a visitor relax and enjoy his or her being on the website.


Snorkeling WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

NavyBlue is a tribute to the deep blue color and deep waters. Video integration which you may use on the hero image, makes it a worthy option for you, if you’d like to test how video performs in web design. (Spoiler it performs great). Do you think it would fit your project?


Travel WP Theme

Details | Demo

Planning a trip with an agency which has a website like this – with cheerful imagery, flat design, intuitive layout – would be pure joy. This template would also fit those projects which are going to run a blog,
because the way that the content is presented in the design is very easy for perception.


WildRide Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Speaking of blogs, this bicycle WordPress theme is an amazing example of blogs used in the business. The stripe of the blog posts appeal to the readers and missing them is impossible. If you need to a content-oriented website, this option is a great choice. So, check out the live demo.


Hunting WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Despite the fact that hunting is a cruel sport, it is also a very graceful sport. Ironically, the shape of the weapons and the mood of the hunting process is something that attracts more and more fans each year. In fact, an image-oriented hunting WordPress theme could move any hunting project online,  serving as a blog simultaneously.

Hang Gliding

Extreme Sports WP Theme

Details | Demo

Adventurous template to its core, it has a great visual data presentation if you scroll it down. Further, apart from that, the huge neat widgets look extremely appealing and they are impossible to miss. Anyone who’s looking for an extraordinary design which would convert almost anybody on the website, should check out this web design.

Fishing Club

Fishing WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The recreational sport which roots date back to the dawn of human race, still hasn’t lost its popularity, despite the fact the world is changing. Video integration, overlapping design elements – all these features can make your future website become a favorite cozy place for fishing fans on the Web. Don’t miss out, have a look at the demo of this template.

Bon Voyage

Traveling WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you feel that all the travel designs don’t match your requirements, maybe this design would. Have a look at its  layout see how different it is from everything that you’ve seen previously. Pay attention to a possibility to place a specific tour right on the hero image, thus making it noticeable.

Sports Blog

Hockey WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Remember, there was a template with sloped lines and that made the design really dynamic? So, now you see another great example of this design feature which is also accompanied by the images with hockey club. Clearly, sloped over the surface.


fitness WordPress theme

Details | Demo

Physical exercises are a body fuel, indeed. Convince more people to give up their coaches and fridges for some yoga or fitness. Also, one simply won’t be able to resist a service that would look like this – an airy design, combined with motivating images and spiced up with hover effects, which make user experience more fun.


Hiking Trips & Camping WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you are a fan of Parallax scrolling and you know how much it boosts the conversions, you may be looking for a Parallax travel WordPress theme. And if you are looking for it, you should check out this design. It
will make any trip, even the hardest one, easy as a pie.


Cheerleading WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Round shape is attractive. Please note that I’m speaking about the banners which represent the segmented content. If you aim to create a joyful and cheerful cheerleader project, look no further. Pay attention to the
login form which has a sticky widget. Even if you resist clicking it at first, you’ll end up clicking on it, because your curiosity will win.


Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This template may referred to the list of great Parallax sport templates. If you are looking for a motivating template, this one would fit the project like no other.Only the essential information, social media
widgets under every content segment, subtly pushing a customer towards a conversion on social media.

Travel Guide

Travel WordPress Template

Details | Demo

A sunny travel WordPress template which seems to promise a customer that should she buy a tour at this agency,  the great weather during the trip is guaranteed. Scroll the template down and see the Parallax
effect in action. Apart from that, the banners and widgets which show up under your mouse, make being on the website even more fun.

Volleyball beach

Volleyball WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Are you looking for an volleyball image-oriented WordPress theme? This one could be the one. No customer would be able to resist a conversion when on this website. Moreover, you can be closer to your website visitors by using the live-chat button. According to the statistics, that boosts sales a lot.


Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This is a perfect example of a travel WordPress theme when a Parallax effect makes it  look fragile. When scrolling the theme, you feel as if you are gliding over a very sleek surface with thin walls, and you find
yourself  enjoying the design and scrolling the website just for fun. After you’ve had enough fun, you start reading – and that is when the content tells you about the business.


Basketball WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

This template is just one more proof of Parallax as great design feature. The images which seem to be one flow, do not interrupt your attention, making your experience sleek as a surface in the basketball gym.
There’s a map at the bottom of the template which helps you show your future clients show your business location.

Boxing Ring

Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you need flat design, Parallax scrolling and a stylish look, all in one, you may consider using this template. It may be used for sport and non-sport projects.

Travel Guide

Travel Guide Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

For those who’d like to place several videos on the hero image so that they would be noticed immediately, this is a great option. A combination of dark colors and cheerful green color, make this travel template look


Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

If you have some great images stored for the projects, you should use them in this travel design. It also includes a great blog layout, so if you have some great content stored for the project, that would be double-great.


Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Flat design makes all projects attractive, but when the project is also related  to surfing, that makes a perfect online business presence.  Stir the blood in your customers and fill it with adrenaline with the very look of the website. Hopefully, some of these designs were up your street. Even if you are new to web design, after seeing a hundred of good designs you start being able to tell if a template is good or not, and figuring out what you’d like to have in your particular website. Speaking of these Parallax WordPress themes – they also have a great twenty-four-seven support and lifetime updates, thus, you’ll be covered.

Creating websites is fun! Enjoy the creating process.

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