Imagely Have Acquired Tesla Themes

Today Imagely have taken a big step forward in growing their company. They have acquired Tesla Themes.

Tesla Themes is a great theme shop that is respected throughout the WordPress community, having developed 67 themes. The team at Imagely have decided to continue the great work the Tesla Themes team have done.

The new owners have reassured existing Tesla Themes customers that there won’t be any major changes coming their way, and that they will be committed to helping in maintenance and support of all themes as they take over.

With this acquisition Imagely have opened new doors for themselves. They now plan to not only create “the World’s best photography tools under the Imagely brand”, but also build out “a portfolio of high caliber general-market WordPress themes and plugins”. You can read more about their strategy in the announcement post.

As they put it:

The acquisition of TeslaThemes represents our first step in that direction – an awesome, but not photographer-centric WordPress company. As I’ve noted, we love Tesla’s products and we can’t imagine a better way to start building out our portfolio of general WordPress products.

Imagely are interested in growing their brand and business further, so if you’re looking to sell a plugin or theme, this might be a good time to do so. Here’s their call for attention:

In the coming years, we’ll be both building and be acquiring a range of other WordPress theme and plugin companies. I’ll even add a small call here: if you have a solid WordPress product, with a great brand and stable revenue over around $200,000, and you are looking to exit, feel free to reach out to me directly to chat.

You can reach out to Scott and the rest of the team at Imagely using their contact form here.

On behalf of everyone at WP Mayor, we’d like to congratulate Tesla Themes on the sale, and Imagely on the great acquisition. We wish you both the best moving forward.

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