Best Landing Page Themes – 14 Best WordPress Themes for Products

The best landing page themes and app themes are ones that clearly demonstrate what your product is and how it will solve your target customers’ problems. A lot goes into a product launch. You need to research and have real conversations with your target audience to come up with an idea. You then need to find funding to turn that idea into reality. You also need to handle marketing and support leading up to the launch, but all of this hard work can mean nothing if your product’s landing page is poorly optimized.

Building Optimized Landing Pages for Products

Your landing page should have a clear call to action toward the top, preferably in the header. There shouldn’t be anything else to click other than your navigation menu. It should only feature a cut-to-the-chase header, a sweet-and-short description and a call-to-action button. A minimalist design with nothing to distract the customer is best.

You should also consider what you want to offer. It’s not always possible to convince a lead to buy as soon as they visit your landing page or even after they scroll through your landing page. You may want to consider promoting an offer that relates to your product, such as a free trial or download. The trial allows you to collect their email address so you can nurture them before asking them to buy. This can be beneficial depending on your marketing influence.

As far as content goes, try to stay away from talking up your product too much. Focus on feature/benefit copy. In short, don’t simply list what features your product has. Tell potential customers how each feature will benefit them. If you’re interested, check out our most recent list of best landing page themes and Jean’s book review of Design for Conversions by Brian Casel for inspiration.

AppTheme by MyThemeShop

AppTheme is a landing page theme by MyThemeShop that allows you to build optimized landing pages for Android and iOS apps. It comes with a one-click demo install feature, and the homepage in the demo features everything you need to showcase your product. You can even edit the widgets and sections on the homepage to suit your needs. Colors, fonts and backgrounds are also customizable.

Get AppTheme

TheGem by Codex Themes

TheGem by Codex Themes is a multipurpose creative theme for businesses. It comes with a variety of different demos you can install using the theme’s one-click install feature. It comes with over 50 demos, 4 of which are landing pages designed for products. This is a great option for developers as it gives you a single theme to reference and several designs to pick from when you need to design several websites on the fly.

Get TheGem

Landy by Playne Themes

Landy by Playne Themes is a product theme for an app landing page. This theme can be used to advertise iOS and Android apps simultaneously, though you can also advertise one or the other. It’s a simple and clean landing page that lets you showcase your app’s best features as well as the team that worked on it with beautiful animations, galleries, videos and more.

Get Landy

Riven by ArrowHiTech

Riven is a multipurpose landing page theme that can be used to showcase a variety of different products, including physical products, software and apps, video games, and your business’ services. It comes with 7 pre-made homepage layouts, 6 pre-made header styles, 5 pre-made footer styles and multiple layout types. It also has dozens of powerful shortcodes, unlimited colors and unlimited Google Fonts.

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Incubator by Key Design

Incubator is a multipurpose business theme that comes with a variety of different landing pages for products. It comes 12 homepage demos, 3 of which can be used to build landing pages for products, including mobile apps, general products and ebooks. Each of these demos can be installed using the 1-click demo install feature, making this theme ideal for developers who need to build landing pages on the fly or business owners who lack knowledge in web design.

Get Incubator

Avada by ThemeFusion

Avada is a powerful multipurpose business theme by ThemeFusion, and it’s one of the most popular themes available on ThemeForest. It uses a powerful, theme-specific frontend page builder plugin anyone can use to design and build their own website. It also comes with over 50 homepage demos, some of which can be used to build landing pages for products and mobile apps. These pages can be built anyway you like thanks to the Fusion Builder.

Get Avada

Stratus by Themovation

Stratus is a dedicated product showcase theme by Themovation that can be used to showcase a variety of different products, including apps, software and general products. It comes with 6 homepage demos, 3 of which are designed for physical products, software and apps. These can be installed with all of their demo content, allowing you to build well-designed landing pages on the fly.

Get Stratus

Appica 2 by 8guild

Appica 2 is a landing page theme by 8guild designed specifically for showcasing mobile apps. It comes with 11 demos, 6 for iOS apps and 5 for Android apps. Many of the Android demos were designed with Google’s Material Design in mind. It also comes with the Visual Composer page builder plugin as well as over 20 unique shortcodes for Visual Composer. Optional animated intros are also included in addition to animations triggered by interactions.

Get Appica 2

Brown by Leaf Themes

Brown is a landing page theme by LeafThemes designed for ebooks. It comes with a header you can use to showcase your book and call-to-action button(s) as well as sections for details on chapters, details on the author and reviews from previous readers. It even has a counter you can use to tally page numbers, reader numbers and views.

Get Brown

App on jThemes

App On is an app landing page theme by jThemes that comes with over a dozen header options as well as the ability to switch between light and dark styles. It lets you showcase your app with sections for features, galleries of screenshots, a magnifying feature and team members. It also comes with a pricing section, making it capable of building a landing page for a service-based business as well.

Get App On

FlatBook by Erik Tailor

FlatBook is a landing page theme by Erik Tailor designed for ebooks. It comes with 3 homepage demos, all of which feature a unique design. Many of these demos feature forms or signup modules to increase conversions. It also features a number of different sections designed showcase the book’s best features as well as information on the author. This includes sections for counters, features, samples, videos and more.

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CleanApp by MyThemeShop

CleanApp is another app landing page theme by MyThemeShop. This one can be used to showcase a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, and it uses a lazy loading feature to ensure it loads quickly and efficiently for all users. The homepage includes sections for a large header with call-to-action buttons, an overview of your app, a rundown of its features and testimonials from current users.

Get CleanApp

Corporate by MyThemeShop

Corporate is a multipurpose business theme by MyThemeShop that comes with 2 demos, one is a landing page for a business while the other is a landing page for an app. The app landing page demo comes with a large header, which you can use to showcase a screenshot of your product and call-to-action buttons for the App Store and Google Play. It also comes with sections for features, screenshots and testimonials.

Get Corporate

Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi is a multipurpose theme by Elegant Themes that’s powered by the Divi Builder, Elegant Themes’ leading page builder plugin. While not a dedicated landing page theme, this theme can be used to build any kind of landing page you need. You may even have more freedom as Divi allows you to build pages completely from scratch. The Divi Builder even includes A/B split testing features to help you optimize marketing campaigns.

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Final Thoughts on Selecting the Best Landing Page Themes for Products

Finding landing page themes is difficult enough as it is. Selecting a landing page theme, however, can be even more daunting. This list has a pretty good selection, but how do you narrow it down? Consider your needs and the style you want to use. If you’re a developer, you may want to choose one of the multipurpose themes, such as TheGem, Riven or Incubator. This lets you get to know a single theme, which allows you to build a number of different landing pages for a number of different clients on the fly.

If you need to build a landing page for yourself or only need to build one for a single client on a one-time basis, you may want to choose a theme that has a targeted design, such as AppTheme, Landy or Brown. These themes feature one design for a single product, typically an app, general product or ebook.

Narrow the list down to themes that suit your needs best, then go with the one that has all of the features you need and has a style that complements your brand.

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