WP Sheet Editor Plugin Makes Editing Posts And Products Simple And Easy

WordPress has become the most popular content management system in the world. While the software itself is pretty darn impressive, webmasters often find themselves in need of something a little extra. This will be true for those that utilize the WooCommerce system in conjunction with the WordPress CMS. The combination works significantly well, but there is one minor problem. Attempting to edit WooCommerce products through the WordPress system can be a downright hassle. That will soon change with the launch of a brand-new WordPress Plugin.

WP Sheet Editor WordPress Plugin

The WP Sheet Editor has been ingeniously designed to provide WP users with the ability to manipulate their content easily and quickly. The new plugin is available from CodeCanyon and it is fairly affordable. In fact, the user will receive a regular license, which gives them the ability to utilize the plugin on their website as frequently as desired.

They’ll also receive 6 months of support from the developer. So, how does it work? Well, first and foremost, the plugin makes it possible for webmasters to avoid affordable SEO services. By using the plugin, webmasters will be able to edit the titles of their posts rapidly and conveniently. This will ultimately improve SEO.

On top of that, the user will gain the freedom to manipulate their posts, pages and products from the plugin’s backend. This is the major difference between the WP Sheet Editor and the competitors. This plugin makes it possible for WP users to change, alter, and create new posts, pages and products for the WooCommerce system, as well as WordPress itself.

To make things even better, the user will have complete control over custom post types. This ensures they’ll be able to edit custom fields through the plugin easily. For WooCommerce users, who have an abundance of products in their database, the plugin will truly make a world of different.

And if you happen to use the ultra-popular Yoast SEO plugin, you will benefit even further. The WP Sheet Editor is designed to provide the user with the ability to quickly change all elements associated with Yoast. This includes SEO title, keywords, description, and noindex. This makes it simple for users to go back and add to their page’s SEO content quickly.

The plugin provides users with a very simple setup, which closely resembles Excel. Therefore, those that are familiar with Excel will have no problem utilizing the WP Sheet Editor right away. The software is compatible with all of the latest browsers and WordPress 4.0 and up. The WooCommerce requirements are 2.0 and upward.

The great benefit of using Sheet Editor is that it works efficiently all the time. Many plugins will slow down your site, causing it to lag or make it impossible to navigate from one page to another. You will have full control, with a wide range of customizable options. You can select how many posts to save every so many seconds. It is pretty much universal, so it is compatible with all services.

Truly, the plugin will prove to be a blessing for anyone that wants to edit their WP posts easily and in bulk. If you use WooCommerce as well, the plugin is a necessity.

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