5 Ways Pre-Built WP Websites Will Boost a Freelance Designer’s Productivity

It’s not uncommon for even experienced freelance web designers to encounter productivity issues. They take on too much work, only to discover too late that their tools or work habits are, in some respects, lacking.

The result: longer hours, missed deadlines, and even the occasional loss of a client. Working harder doesn’t seem to solve anything, and often makes matters even worse.

If this is happening to you, the benefits of freelancing you used to enjoy, such as working to your own schedules, not having a boss looking over your shoulder, and choosing your own clients, have gotten lost in the shuffle.

There is a way out, but it’s up to you to work the problem.

               Getting things turned around is up to you, but you alone can work the magic.

Consider these common causes. Don’t be surprised if you’re responsible for one or two of them:

  • The tools you’re using are time-consuming and inefficient. Why waste an hour or two every time you need to install a WP theme when, with this popular theme, you can do it in a minute or two?
  • You agree to work with difficult clients, who can be huge time wasters. There are plenty of easy to work with clients out there. Learn to say no thank you.
  • Not prioritizing your work is the problem. Brush up on your time management skills; it will be time well spent.

WordPress Pre-Built Websites Will Help Your Finish Projects Faster – and Better

WordPress Pre-built websites may be as close to a silver bullet there is for getting back on track, and improving your productivity and the quality of your deliverables. Plus, there are 230+ to work with.

  • They provide excellent starting points. Choose one that fits in with what you want to accomplish, and start customizing.

      Transform this pre-built website to suit any client is limited only by your imagination.

Wireframes or mockups are no longer necessary. You can quickly create a prototype from a pre-built website that does a superior job of presenting something your clients can relate to.

You don’t require coding, or any other special technical skills, to build a page or make changes. Click-by-click editing is orders of magnitude faster and easier.

Revisions and changes will not create headaches for you due to the hours involved, or for your clients because of the extra expense. What used to take hours, or even days, can be accomplished in minutes.

Let’s see how this works.

1. Selecting Your Starting Point

If, in the past, you’ve spent time sifting through multiple themes and multiple products looking for a good fit for your next project; what used to take an hour or more can be done in minutes, when selecting a pre-built website to suit your needs.

230+ sounds like a large number, but you can scan through them in no time. Just remember that you’re choosing a concept. Find two or three suitable candidates that relate to your client’s niche, and select the best fit in terms of looks and features.

                 This pre-built website could be used for any e-book promotion.

There’s a second approach that takes somewhat longer (we’re talking minutes, not hours). It involves basing your decision on selecting from several categories. You’re still looking for a best fit, although any pre-built website can be customized to build whatever you want. You’re just seeking the easiest path.

2. Installing Pre-Built Websites is as Quick and Easy as It Gets

Sometimes a client has a new idea, or wants to make a major change in midstream. When coding is required, making changes can take a great deal of time, cost lots of money, and lead to frustration on the part of all parties involved. Web designers seldom like to have to start over from scratch, even though they’re getting paid for it. With pre-built websites, even major changes can be made quickly and easily, plus you can present your clients with a prototype of a major change, or show the impact of a minor change, in a very short time.

3. Have a Plan, and Work to It

Your plan may consist of a flow diagram that covers a whiteboard, or a simple pencil-on-paper rough sketch. The latter usually works, since working with pre-built websites is not complicated.

Select your starting point, base grid, and layout; choose one of 20+ header styles; and upload a logo and set the design elements. Before you know it, you have a working prototype to present to your client.

            The Xmas 2 pre-built website can be used for any festive event.

Thanks to Be Theme’s powerful Muffin Builder 3 and Visual Composer, plus other powerful features and tools, customizing a pre-built website to build a new page is a snap.

4. Fine Tune Your Website with Shortcodes

Shortcodes eliminate any need for coding to add special details, features, or functionality to your website. They are fun and easy to work with as well. If you enjoy doing a bit of coding from time to time, shortcodes can be edited to give you added options.

5. Make Sure Your Website will be SEO Ready

You want to be certain your website is SEO ready when you deliver it to your client. The Be team has taken care of that. Every one of their 230+ pre-built websites is fully compatible with the SEO plugin that comes with the package. Your clients will know they can begin working on their content marketing strategies immediately.

A Few Takeaway Ideas

If your productivity seems to be lagging, either a mindset change, upgrading your time management skills, or both, might be in order.

Or, it could be that the WP themes you’re using are inefficient and time- consuming, and it’s time to give Be Theme’s pre-built websites a try.

  • There are 230+ to choose from, and they provide excellent starting points.
  • Skip wireframes and mockups. A prototype from a pre-built website can be built quickly; and is far superior.
  • No coding or special technical skills are required.
  • You’ll save a ton on time, on every project.

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