14 Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

WordPress has come a long way over the past couple of years. It has developed from only a blog to the most powerful platform for your eCommerce website. But a simple WordPress site would mean nothing without its skillful sidekicks.

Each of these plugins has its own functionality that the platform has come to master and without which you can no longer work as a professional and productive marketer. Now, let’s see which 15 e-commerce plugins are the best and that you should add to your WordPress website right now!


This plugin is perfect to set up both a small and a large-sized eCommerce business in no time. You can sell both physical and digital products, ship them wherever they are needed, and keep a close track on your sales performance and customers’ profiles. Besides the fact that it’s a free tool, it is also open source and as flexible as any developer needs to create any kind of eCommerce website.


This tool is not for entry-level developers, but it is recommended to be already accustomed to the CSS and HTML world. The best thing about it is that once you overcome these learning steps, you will be able to access the limitless potential of this plugin. WP eCommerce is highly integrated with popular couriers so the shopping experience should run smoothly both for the producer and the client, and it is SSL protected.


This plugin focuses especially on selling digital and other types of non-physical goods. The effectiveness of this tool comes from the fact that it does not try to blur you with hundreds of choices for your website.

However, Easy Digital Downloads sticks to the important aspects that should be covered for digital products, like payment history, bundled products, variable prices for one product, multiple files in one download, and many other exciting features.


The plugin offers a complete set of solutions for any eCommerce website. It is backed by a team of professional developers with years of experience that are at your disposal at any time with useful tricks & tips. This tool is designed for all kinds of products: digital products; variable products (a product that comes in different shapes or sizes), affiliate products, and grouped products.

It delivers detailed reports over your shop performance, it can manage your stock by itself, and offers you other extensions to streamline your Jigoshop experience.


This plugin is all about flexibility for your WordPress website. It puts a sound security system at your disposal to protect your store and clients from all kinds of digital threats. It greatly improves the loading time of catalogs, which can display even millions of products.

In the beginning, Shopp offers you starter templates through which you can easily get to know this tool, and from there it’s a sure way to a professional user. You can add as many features and improve these templates the way you want it.


MarketPress is an elegant solution for your clients. This free product gathers the functions of a multitude of plugins in one place, so you don’t need to add other extensions to the platform. It covers all the major payment systems, supports the major currencies, adaptable to any WordPress themes for a quality web design, supports unlimited product variations and more. It is easy to familiarize yourself with this WordPress tool.

Cart66 is the best WordPress plugin when it comes to security. You don’t even need to worry about safe measures. It does the job for you so you can concentrate on the revenue generating aspects. It provides a built-in recurring billing engine that works perfectly with any payment system, an email center to send follow-up newsletters, and online magazine subscriptions. You can even sell music on WordPress.


This plugin promises to get your e-commerce website started in under 5 minutes, and you should trust their word. All you have to do is install the plugin, activate it, set the payment methods you want and add your products. It’s that easy!

The product creation experience is more intuitive than the rest of the tools, as its intelligent features are loaded in add-ons o you can see them only when it is needed. However, it supports only two payment systems, PayPal and Stripe, but these are popular enough to get you rid of everything else.


This plugin allows you to easily install the shopping cart without which no e-commerce website can survive. You can download the software on your Desktop, PC, Mac, iPad and Android to manage your cart wherever you are. It supports any popular payment system, you can set 7 different languages on it, set up coupons and promotions, integrate Google Analytics for a thorough report system plus it creates a social sharing button for each of your products.


The best part of this plugin is that you don’t need coding to set up your eCommerce website. You can create your online shop in minutes and even extend the shopping experience on social media by creating a free Facebook store.  It also comes with a shopping cart that offers you the best features to score more sales.


The CartPress eCommerce tool can be used in a variety of forms: shopping cart, catalog, and framework. It is a flexible and scalable plugin with powerful plugins to customize it any way you like. It can be 100% integrated with any WordPress website.

Use it to achieve international sales through customizing the price formats and adapting your products to international weight units and taxes. Create your products with a rich set of details like excerpts, contents, comments, images, author, date, etc. Plus, the CartPress customizes the URL’s of your products to pass any SEO proficiency tests.


Set up the Cashie eCommerce plugin to instantly start selling eBooks, music, clothes, even services or digital goods. Together with your new WordPress admin, you can manage everything that is related to product sales, shopping security, promotions, and discounts.

While you can only benefit from a trial as a free user, its price definitely makes up for its functionality. It is easy to customize to fit any WordPress theme, allows you to create as many product variations as you want, drive traffic to your website through BitDazzle Marketplace listing or Google Shopping or see shipping rates with popular couriers such as USPS, FedEx or UPS.


By installing the Ecwid plugin, you can start selling your product on a global level whenever you want. It works with main carriers like FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post to automatically calculate the shipping rates of any product. There are automated tax rate calculations available for Canada, U.S, and EU VAT.

In addition to that, Ecwid helps you set up an online Facebook store to sell instantly to millions of social media users.  It’s so easy to use that you can manage your sales right from your smartphone.


DukaPress will bring you a boost of stability and speed to your website experience thanks to the fact that it is a plugin built on top of WordPress.

It focuses more on the tangible products, but it definitely does not neglect the digital merchandise.  It comes with a highly customizable graphic user interface for a better product management and with an on-page checkout that doesn’t disrupt your customer’s experience on your website. It is also an approachable plugin for affiliate marketing in case you want to open revenue sources by promoting the popular products of other companies.

These are the 14 best eCommerce plugins that become in a short time a popular choice across the globe. Choose that eCommerce that offers the benefits your website needs the most and you will be all set for success.

Post updated in June 2017

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