How to Sell Products From Your WordPress Blog Without Creating an Online Store

Have you ever thought about selling the jewellery you made, the t-shirt you designed or e-book you wrote right from your blog without the hassle of setting up a full e-commerce store for just one single product? Have you ever wished you could sell your items in a way that looks professional instead of dowdy?

We feel you.

What if we were to tell you that you can easily begin selling with Ecwid’s “Buy Now” button. Essentially, it’s a plugin you can directly add to your WordPress blog or any website that allows your customers to purchase your products with just one click – they don’t even have to leave your site and won’t be directed elsewhere to complete their checkout.

In this post, we’ll show you how to setup Ecwid’s “Buy Now” button.

Selling From Your WordPress Blog Using The “Buy Now” Button

One of the most simple ways you can sell from your WordPress blog is to add a button or widget that links directly to your product located on specific page or blog post.

Well Produced Food & Wine” blog is a good example. A team of writers, reviewers and curators manage a blog about wine. They sample all of the wine, develop content based on their tastings, then make their selections available for consumers to purchase directly within the blog post.

Example of Ecwid buy button on WordPress blog

Most importantly, this check-out process keeps customers on the blog while they purchase.

Example of Ecwid buy button checkout

3 Simple Steps to Start Selling Directly From Your WordPress Blog

Ecwid is the easiest way to sell as many or as few items as you want. By embedding your items into your blog posts, you can sell right where your content is and right where your readers already are – similar to the “Well Produced Food & Wine” blog example above.

Creating a “Buy Now” button with Ecwid is easy. Read below for a step-by-step guide through the entire process.

1. Get Ecwid plugin for WordPress

You can quickly add the Ecwid plugin via your site administration panel. When the plugin is installed click the “Activate Plugin” link.

On the dashboard page of your control panel you will find an onboarding wizard that will guide you through all necessary steps like setting up tax rates (automatically calculated for US rates), adding shipping costs and choosing the payment options that best fit your needs. The full setup can be started and completed in ten minutes or less.

2. Prepare the product

You can add the product right inside the plugin. Make sure your products have high-quality images, descriptions and pricing assignments.

Ecwid product catalog with image description

3. Add the product “Buy Now” button to your blog post

To add the button to your blog, just click “Embed Product” then copy shortcode the to your WordPress site – it’s super simple!

Product description in Ecwid plugin for wordpress

There’s other good news, you can sell up to ten products for free.

The Other Benefits of Using Ecwid on WordPress Blog

In addition to Buy buttons and Pop-up checkouts, there are many benefits to selling with Ecwid on your WordPress blog. Read the list below to learn more about some of our other most notable benefits.

  • Ecwid takes just a few minutes to setup and doesn’t require any coding knowledge.
  • You can get started for free with no transactions fees.
  • Secure checkout process that keeps customers on your blog while they shop.
  • You can add multiple sales channels including Facebook, marketplaces, and point of sale, and you can manage all channels from one convenient place.
  • Offer customers the choice of multiple on and offline payment options including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and thirty plus more options.
  • Ecwid takes care of everything. You get a reliable, secure store, and don’t need to worry about SSL.
  • It’s easy to change the look of your store by customizing the CSS.
  • Host digital products with no bandwidth or storage limits to worry about.
  • You can manage your store on iOS or via the Android app.


See for yourself how quickly and easily you can begin selling from your WordPress blog.

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