Generate Leads with a Seamless Experience using Drizzle

Content that attracts eyes, grows traffic and drives sales is what marketers are after. The right content to the right audience is crucial to generate leads that your business needs to be successful.

Once the right audience lands on your website, what are you doing to make sure you convert them into leads? Are you utilizing tools that improve or take away from their user experience? Do you have high bounce rates and low conversion rates because your audience isn’t seeing the value you provide?  

Converting Contacts into Qualified Leads

Conversion rate is the percentage of “contacts” (e.g. website visitors) that successfully move from one stage of the marketing funnel to the next. Your blog is ultimately an inbound marketing channel to attract the right people to your site and convert them into leads. The conversion takes place when you capture email and other contact information. Then you can share valuable and relevant content through email marketing, content marketing, social media and online advertising.

Your focus then is to guide users through the buying process until they become customers (and hopefully evangelists!). According to a study conducted by Marketo, the industry average for conversion rate through inbound marketing is 3.82%.

This is far superior to sales prospecting with 0.90% average conversion and emails with 0.55%. Still, for every 1,000 visitors reaching the inbound marketing channel, only about 30 of them are sharing their emails. Raising that number requires great UX, high quality content, and a user-friendly way to request user information.

There is a whole world of content marketers using premium content on their blog to generate leads. Usually marketers/bloggers give away their content for free, but they shouldn’t have to. In exchange for premium and high value content, they should be focused on converting their website visitors into leads.

The ability to convert leads into customers through inbound efforts starts directly on your blog or website. After your audience lands on the page, you need a tool that can capture their information without being intrusive and interrupting their user experience.

Pop-ups are universally hated. SumoMe analyzed 300 million popups on sites in their network and found that the average conversion rate was a mere 1.06%. Google recently announced they will be punishing mobile sites deploying annoying interstitials that cover content by moving those sites lower in search rankings. Without using a pop-up, is there a solution to generate leads in both a lightweight and user friendly way?

Drizzle’s Solution to Generate Leads

Enter Drizzle. We are focused on helping bloggers and publishers monetize and grow their traffic, and our latest feature release is specifically for lead generation. This free feature successfully combines the ability to increase sales leads and a seamless user experience.

Compared to the 1.06% conversion rate for popups and 3.82% rate for general inbound marketing, a recent site using Drizzle – – has converted 6.10% of unique website visitors into leads.

Instead of annoying your readers with pop-ups that cover valuable content, this easy-to-use lead gen feature allows users to continue reading your site’s premium content after they enter their name and email. After reading one-third or so of a blog article’s content, there is a ‘Read More’ button that prompts the user to enter their information.

Drizzle lead generation

This puts control in the user’s hands. They decide if the content is what they want to consume and opt-in through our feature that provides a simple way to continue reading. They have two options for opting-in. The first option is to manually enter their email into a form field. The second option is a simple two-click verification through Facebook.

Drizzle lead generation

Opting-in takes place directly on your webpage via the Drizzle sidebar, so users never leave your site to enter their information. After they opt-in, you have their data and can automatically add them to your list of leads. Plus, you can integrate Drizzle with Mailchimp to create a mailing list from your leads.

Drizzle’s WordPress plugin makes it easy for you to generate leads from any of your blog posts. Install our official plugin, create a Drizzle account, and then use a simple short code ([paywall]…[/paywall]) around the content you want to hide until users submit their information.

Drizzle wordpress plugin

As you can see above, Drizzle lets you hide more than just text in exchange for user information. Hide images, videos, download buttons, or any HTML elements. Get creative and see what works best for you!

Drizzle is here to improve your conversion rates and generate more leads for your business. Draw users to your site, and let our lead gen tool help you be a more effective and successful marketer. Check it out for yourself. See our lead gen tool in action here on our blog.

When you’ve mastered lead generation, you can also use Drizzle to let users pay to view your content, either in a pay-per-article fashion or with monthly subscriptions, or get free access to your content by sharing it on relevant social media channels. Check out our website to see all our features and sign up to get started for free! You can also contact us at [email protected]

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