The WordPress Theme That Makes Web Design Fun Again

You like what you do. This is especially true when you’ve completed a project featuring several design challenges you had to overcome. You’re satisfied, your client is happy, and the end users will find a pleasant UX awaits them.

What you don’t like, is when the tools you are using are not fun and up to the task. And you need to resort to workarounds to get the job done. You may even have to write a few lines of code. Which is not your strongest skill.

Workarounds and coding can take up time that you would rather devote to what you excel at – web design. The time you lose only compounds the stress you may already be experiencing, and, as much as you love web design, it becomes a chore.

The solution? Find a tool, like this one, that’s actually fun to work with. Find a tool that does what it is supposed to do; without requiring extra effort on your part.


A web designer trying to cool down after the daily battle with his WordPress theme.

What Makes a WP Theme Fast and Intuitive? – Good Code in the Back End

If only all WP themes featured flawless code. Making a choice might be difficult, since most of them would have superb performance, and be easy to use. That is not typically the case however. Many WP themes are built around bloated code, and bloated code is a primary cause of inefficient performance.

When you purchase a WP theme, the code is not front and center for your inspection. You either need to check out the reviews, which is never a bad idea, or look into the author’s background and experience. If the authors have created one or two other WP themes, or have experience on various CMS platforms, you can be quite certain their code is clean and efficient.


 An intuitive WP theme puts the fun back into building a website.

With Kallyas, there is no need for workarounds, and no need for coding. Kallyas lets you focus 100% on web design.

Why Using an Integrated Front-end Builder Can Boost the Quality of Your Deliverables

  • You will benefit in several ways by selecting a WP theme with an integrated front-end builder. You don’t have to worry about page-builder plugin compatibility or updates.
  • Your project will move along faster.
  • Page building will be easier than you are used do, and
  • there will be a definite uptick in the quality of your deliverables.


This integrated front-end WP visual builder’s UI makes page building fun and relaxing.

If you’ve become used to, drag and drop page building, using the edit, save, review process, you may not realize that there is an easier, faster, way. Integrated front-end page builders skip the save and review process. These often require a number of time-consuming iterations. Now, when you drag and drop, you see the results in real time.

Another advantage is this. If your client requests a change in a website page, you can do it in minutes, and often in seconds.

This video, which shows the integrated front-end builder in action; demonstrates why page building can be fun and relaxing, and never a chore.

Users Expect Fast Loading Times, and You Can Deliver Them


The right WP theme for you is one that has the means to manage its resources, so you, and the user will have pleasurable design and user experiences, respectively. You should not have to spend time figuring out ways to improve page loading times. The authors of Kallyas realize this. The result – a WP theme that smartly manages resources so as to impact users in a positive way.

While some WP themes load every element that might possibly be needed to create a page, plus a few for good measure, Kallyas loads only the necessary elements. Users are happy; especially the mobile users, who will quickly look elsewhere if pages are slow to load.

One of the secrets behind Kallyas’s fast page loading ability is its clean code. Another, it the integrated front-end page builder. Users are happy, clients are happy, and you are relaxed, and feeling a lot less stress. Kallyas is not only enjoyable to work with, but you can sit back and take pride in the final results as well.

Watch the Needle Rise on Your Enjoyment Meter

You naturally choose the tools, and practice the methods, that support your style of work. You’re careful not to stay so tightly within your comfort zone that you allow the design world to pass you by. You like you work as a web designer. There are times however, when you wish you could spend 100% of your time as a creative designer. And less time responding to design tool idiosyncrasies that can make your work more of a chore than an enjoyment.

Maybe it’s time to be able to relax and enjoy your work more. Kallyas can make that happen.


Give Kallyas a good, hard look. It won’t be time wasted. You’ll quickly discover why this WP theme, with its clean, solid code, great resource management capability, and awesome UI, is precisely what you need. A solid investment that is pure enjoyment to work with.

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