First WordPress Multilanguage Theme Released on Themeforest


Have you ever heard of a theme has built in front-end and back-end multilingual support for over 14 languages? No? Me neither, but there’s one out!

Langwitch has just launched, exclusive to ThemeForest. Feedback is good till now, with a good number of satisfied customers. It also seems to be generating a lot of interest. It is one of those do-everything themes, so it will most likely garner split-feedback, as many people in the WordPress community are advocating for a return to simplicity in WordPress themes.

langwith ait themes

What do you think about such themes? Are they overkill? Should themes stick to display considerations and leave features like multilanguage to dedicated plugins like WPML? Have your say in the comments section!

Check out the Langwitch theme on Themeforest

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