Why a VPN Should Be in Your Marketing Research Toolkit

Have you ever wondered how to improve your company’s position in search engine results? Until recently, I wasn’t aware that a tool existed on the market that could help. Then I discovered that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will help drive my ranking higher up the results page, and also circumvent a few other issues.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is the best way for you to keep all your online activity secure whether you are at home, at work, travelling, playing online games or using public Wi-Fi. Anywhere that you can access the internet, you should think about using a VPN.

A VPN takes all the data you send and receive over the net, and passes it through an encrypted tunnel, creating an anonymous and secure connection. Anyone such as your competitors or other third parties who may want to monitor your online activities are unable to do so, and cyber-thieves are prohibited from gaining access to your personal and confidential information.


With that in mind there a number of ways that a VPN can help with your SEO marketing:

  1. Access competitor websites for research purposes safe in the knowledge that all online activities cannot be traced. An added benefit is that a VPN protects your privacy by encrypting your sensitive and confidential information so all the work you carry out online is hidden and secure.
  2. Bypass social media blocks. If you manage a lot of social media sites all the data you send from e.g. Facebook, will come from the same IP address.  Facebook could detect this activity as spam and may block you. Using different servers will get around this problem as each activity will come from a different IP address.
  3. Geographical location plays a pivotal role when performing accurate ranking checks. For example, if I wanted to check search results in Australia, I would connect to a server in Australia et voilà! So because all it takes is a click of a button, evaluating search engine results from a number of different locations is as easy as 1-2-3!

Some additional ways to ensure you get accurate results is by cleaning up your search history, cookies and cache on your browser, and make sure you sign out of your Google account. SEO research is critical to staying on top of the game, because if you’re not watching your competitors’ rankings then you won’t know how well you’re performing in your industry. It is only recent that VPN is no longer a niche product, and is now widely used as a marketing tool amongst all types of online marketeers.

There is a huge list of VPN providers that you can try out. One VPN provider that I’m particularly impressed with is, and highly recommend is HideMyAss! They have an impressive 559 VPN servers in 63 countries (with over 68,000 usable IP addresses) making it easy to switch between servers and provide SEO specialists with that all important anonymity.

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