Let Users Listen To Your Content With SoundGecko’s ‘Listen’ Plugin

A simple button that transforms content from text to audio in one click, so that readers can listen instead of reading, even on mobile devices.


That’s what the SoundGecko listen button plugin does – it lets users easily hear the web, through the SoundGecko text-to-speech service that has been getting quite a bit of press lately. The great advantage is for mobile users – it’s a lot easier to listen to an article rather than read it while cooking breakfast, navigating a busy train station, or driving to work.

The listen button plugin is a small step for site owners, but a giant leap for accessibility and content distribution.

And when we say a small step for site owners, we mean it – it’s as simple as install from the wordpress.org plugin directory and activate. For a manual install, just upload the files to your server in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

To see it in action, check it out on istartedsomething.com; more information is available at soundgecko.com/developers.

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