WordPress Weekly News Roundup 22 Feb, 2013

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the most interesting happenings this week in the WordPress world.

Tom McFarlin Writes About Object Oriented Plugin Development


Tom McFarlin is one of the most respected WordPress plugin developers, and I follow his blog to keep myself updated and learn new things about plugin development. This week he wrote an interesting article about object oriented plugin development, something which I plan to start implementing myself. Its an excellent introductory post and I hope Tom will release a few tutorials about writing OOP-based plugins.

WPLift Launches New Design + Services

wp lift new

WPLift, one of the most popular WordPress blogs, launched its new design, and is also offering some new services. The design has been long coming, and Oli has done a great job with the new site. It’s great to see fellow blogs expand and reach newer heights, congratulations and best of luck to Oli with the new services!

DradCast Going Strong


The latest WordPress podcast, Dradcast, is going strong, with two great episodes already recorded, and some interesting ones lined up next. If you haven’t heard about it, its a show hosted by Dre Armeda (from Sucuri) and Brad Williams. Both are well-known personalities in the WordPress community, and the show itself is a very entertaining one. Check it out!

WordPress.com Launches Classrooms

wordpress classrooms

WordPress.com launched its new Classrooms service onWednesday. The service can be used for a variety of school activities. The program aims to become an integral part of educational tasks and offers various built-in modules to help with website creation and maintenance without having to worry about code manipulation.

This should be great news for education establishments. Edublogs is another education related service based on WordPress that has existed for a long time, but it’s good to have an official push from WordPress.com itself in this direction.

Did we miss out on any news? Let us know in the comments section below!

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