Free WordPress Themes That Are Perfect for News Sites

It’s the festive season and I bet you had a lot of things to buy (Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, decorations and anything you need to enjoy the holiday season). So it would be reasonable to save money, right? And if you like the idea, please read on and you’ll see some awesome freebies.

Below are some of the best Magazine Style WordPress Themes, and they are all free. You can use them to build news sites or update the ones you’ve already built. But the fact that the following themes were initially designed for news sites does not mean they look the same or you can not use them for other projects. You’re the one to decide how to use the free themes featured in this article, but what we know for sure is that below youíll find a wide range of free WordPress themes. Some of them are grid layouts and others are column layouts; some of them come with white backgrounds, while others come with black backgrounds, and so on.

WordPress is known for its simplicity and usability, so it is a top choice for those who want to build frequently updated sites and what can be a better example of a frequently updated site if not a news site?

Please note: all themes on the list are free to download, but we recommend that you read the terms before you use any of them. It’s not that free themes will become paid, but it happens very often that free WordPress themes come with credit links and users are not allowed to remove them.

1. Max Magazine

Max Magazine

2. Lucky


3. Koresponsive


4. IPin


5. Groovy


6. Elegant Magazine

Elegant Magazine

7. Gadgetry


8. Evolved


9. MagPress


10. GoPress


11. Branford Magazine


12. TravelPress


13. TableTheme


14. Sukelius Magazine

Sukelius Magazine

15. Suburbia


16. Music World


17. Newspaper


18. Shaken Grid

Shaken Grid

19. SilverOrchid


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