The Best Front-End Editing Plugin for WordPress

Front-end editing is really useful when you need to touch up some blog posts, especially at editing stage. The only plugin for WordPress which really nails this functionality 100% right is Scribu’s Front-end Editing plugin.

Goals of this plugin:

  • save as many trips to the backend as possible
  • compatible with any theme, out of the box
  • light and fast

You can edit posts, pages, custom post types, comments, widgets and many more elements.

The latest version integrates Aloha Editor, a rising star on the wysiwyg editor scene. Unlike other established editors like TinyMCE, it makes the content editable inline, rather than using an iframe, which means that all the theme styles are preserved.

Also, unlike the rich-text editors previously integrated into Front-end Editor, Aloha is being developed by a whole bunch of contributors and is also backed by Gentics, the company that originally wrote and subsequently open-sourced it.


Get Front-end Editor

Definitely a plugin you must try out, let us know whether you like it!

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