WordPress Forum Plugins

There are a few WordPress forum plugins available. Let’s take a look at them.


The new BBPress 2.0 forum plugin integrates beautifully with WordPress. The previous versions of BBPress required some tedious fiddling around to combine it with WordPress, however it is now completely plug-and-play. Just install the plugin and you will have all the integration done for you. It adds all the forum management menu items directly into the WordPress admin menu, and is very easy to use.

The admin section of BBPress uses the WordPress UI does it immediately makes sense and there is a very low learning curve, making it probably the easiest forum plugin to use.

This video takes you through most of the BBPress features:


This is definitely my favourite WordPress forum plugin.

Get BBPress


Simple:Press is a very well developed forum plugin for WordPress. It is not as easy to customise at BBPress however. By all means give it a try, it might have more features than BBPress. I just keep going back to BBPress however as it always covers my needs.


Get Simple:Press

Have you used any of these plugins? What’s your experience?

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